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Entering Laos’ summer season, let’s take a look at some refreshing lagoons, waterfalls, and swimming spots around the country to beat the heat. Many waterfalls are wet all year, while a few may need a little rain before enjoying. Remember to dress modestly and wear sunscreen!

Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang

A perennial favorite for tourists to Laos. Blue lagoons for swimming, as well as a steady flow all year make this a serene spot for a day out.

Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng

One of the most famous tourist sites in Vang Vieng. Expect crowds attracted by the crystal blue waters and nearby Pou Kham Cave.

Vang Nam Yen, Bolikhamxay

On the scenic Central Laos Loop, this watering hole is a favorite among both locals and tourists traveling the route.

Khoun Kong Leng, Khammouane

Recently upgraded, this blue lagoon sits next to striking karst mountains. A popular weekend spot for nearby residents of Thakhek, there are spots for picnicking and stalls selling local foods.


Tad Lo, Salavan

A cascade of several different falls along the Xeset river, this is one of the best ways to beat the heat in southern Laos. Some of the falls are swimmable, and others are better to be simply admired.


Tad Houa Khon, Sekong

Literally translated as “Waterfall of the Heads”, this spot lies off the eastern edge of the Bolaven Plateau. The Xe Namnoy river flows over a wide rocky escarpment a few meters high providing a respite during the summer months.

Tad Nam Sanam, Khammouane

Near the village of Na Hin, on the Central Laos Loop, this waterfall is a bit of a hike from the main road, but its beauty as it cascades over tiers of rocks in lush jungle is really something to be experienced.

Tad Yeuang, Champasak

On the cooler Bolaven Plateau, this waterfall is composed of high cascades over rocks, but the bottom is safe for swimming with care. This makes a memorable picnic spot and great place to relax.






Champa Meuanglao
Champa Meuanglao
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