Supporting Livelihoods in Agriculture




Businesses are only as great as their people. Therefore, it is important for Lao Tobacco Limited to support not only its employees but also the contracted farmer base. 

Farmers are a key element in Lao Tobacco’s business, as they provide a quality crop used for the manufacturer of local Lao Tobacco products. Lao Tobacco realizes that supporting its contracted farmers’ livelihoods is integral to maintaining a local sustainable supply of tobacco and our contracts secure the farmer a fair market for the tobacco crop. The farmers can then grow their crops with the assurance that they have support from Lao Tobacco.

Lao Tobacco International supports farmers to receive good agricultural practice training to improve the yield and quality of tobacco, as well as other food crops. Not only does this improve their yield, but also protects and maintains soil nutrients which will ensure that these crops continue to flourish in the future. Lao Tobacco helps farmers to protect their tobacco crop with compliant materials and ensures safe practices are followed on the farm.

A sustainable supply of tobacco requires good agricultural practices to be upheld by farmers at all times. Lao Tobacco is committed to upholding high labor standards outlined by the International Labour Organization. In doing so, the Lao Tobacco team train contracted farmers based on the importance of these high standards and are proud to help raise the standard for agribusiness in Laos and will ensure that Lao Tobacco continues its trajectory of growth and success for years to come.


Providing a guaranteed market for farmers.

By Francis Savankham

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