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Meet Laos’ good corporate citizens

Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel and Animal Doctors International have recently been recognized as winners of the prestigious Lao Responsible Business Awards 2023, a testament to their unwavering commitment to responsible business practices and their positive impact on workforce wellbeing. The dedication to corporate social responsibility demonstrated by these two businesses is setting a remarkable example for others to follow.

Initially launched in 2021, the annual awards are the brainchild of the Canadian Embassy to Laos and Civitas Consulting. The awards have grown rapidly with additional partners coming on board each year to help organize, support, and judge the awards.

Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel
Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel in Luang Prabang, the winner of the ‘Large Business Award’, stood out as a beacon of holistic and responsible business practices, with their “8 Pillars of Wellbeing” approach to staff engagement highlighted as inspirational.

The hotel’s dedication to non-discriminatory training and professional development is evident in its comprehensive learning culture. They provide opportunities for both formal and informal learning, emphasizing mindfulness to manage stress and encourage a growth mindset. Initiatives like daily mindfulness sessions during departmental briefings and regular English classes demonstrate their commitment to nurturing their staff’s personal and professional growth.

Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel also excels in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They empower their team at every level, engendering a sense of ownership and decision-making that leads to a strong sense of belonging, loyalty, and commitment.

Additionally, the hotel prioritizes gender equality and women’s empowerment, fostering a culture that supports women in the workplace. The hotel passionately believes that everyone matters and that they must create a seat around the table for all to share their thoughts and perspectives.

Their dedication to sustainability extends to conserving resources, embracing the environment, and empowering people through education and community involvement. Initiatives like reducing single-use plastic and community clean-up events exemplify their commitment to responsible business practices that benefit not only their workforce but also the wider community and the environment.

Animal Doctors International
Animal Doctors International, a veterinary service with clinics in Laos and the wider region, was the winner of the Small Business Category in this year’s Lao Responsible Business Awards. Their commitment to workforce wellbeing centers around four key objectives: ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, fostering strong team connections, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

They excel in occupational health and safety, with rigorous safety and health training programs that have resulted in zero work-related injuries over the past five years. They prioritize the health and safety of their team, providing the necessary tools and training to handle the unique challenges of their profession.

They promote leisure and rest from work by offering flexible schedules, remote work options, and paid time off for personal and family matters. This support for work-life balance is reflected in their remarkably low employee turnover rates.

One of their unique strengths lies in workforce participation in decision-making. They have cultivated a culture of inclusivity and collaboration, where staff are actively involved in key decisions. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and empowerment among the team.

Animal Doctors International also engages with stakeholders beyond their employees, partnering with the community and local organisations to support social and environmental causes. This involvement not only demonstrates their commitment to responsible practices but also strengthens their relationships within the community.

Overall, Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum and Animal Doctors International serve as shining examples of responsible business practices that prioritize workforce wellbeing. Their unwavering commitment to health, safety, personal and professional growth, and a supportive work environment has not only earned them recognition but has also created positive impacts that extend far beyond their organizations. These two winners have set a benchmark for responsible business practices in Laos, inspiring other businesses to follow their lead and contribute to the development of a prosperous and sustainable Lao economy.


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